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    SUS Global Enterprises is focused on providing trustworthy and dependable security, safety, surveillance, monitoring, prevention, and intervention services.

    Our GoalsOUR MISSION

      Every Client matters. We work closely with our Clients to develop and provide customized security solutions best suited to your needs while incorporating industry-specific standards.

      Our MissionOUR GOAL

        Our primary goal is to remain a forerunner in the Private Security and Prevention Industry while providing unparalleled armed and unarmed surveillance services.

        Security Guard Training

        Safety & Security at Your Fingertips

        SUS Global Enterprises continuously enrolls new candidates for our New Jersey training facility. To maintain industry requirements and above-average standards, we employ post-hire training and the New Jersey State Police approved S.O.R.A. training curriculum.

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        Security Guard Opportunities

        A Career That’s Committed to You

        Protect the Future and build a career to be proud of. Join SUS Global Enterprises to serve, secure and care for people, businesses, and communities nationwide. Count on our expertise and training program facilities for new opportunities, career advancement, S.O.R.A. and post-hire training.

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        safety in your surroundings

        Some of Our Technical Capacities

        Physical Security

        Where Caution Blends with Training and Technology

        Access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to, entering or using a place or other resources to unauthorized persons. SUS Global Enterprises enforces the permissions or authorizations with or without mechanical means (i.e., locks or keys), and devices such as turnstiles, mantraps, fences, ticket controllers (transportation), exit controls (shops, malls, retailers), and others. We always make sure that the access control is effectuated based on capabilities and/or access control lists (ACLs).

        Anticipation plays a vital factor in intervention. All SUS Global Enterprises security teams receive onsite training to effectively recognize and use different means of access control implemented by the respective client. We pay rigorous attention not only to mechanical and electrical means, and biometric technologies, but also to protocols of horizontal and vertical hierarchy interaction. SUS Global Enterprises efficiently operates with other human resources and/or artificial intelligence departments to provide the essential security services of authorization, identification, and authentication (I&A), access approval, and accountability.

        Access Control Components
        Access Control Readers by Function
        Access Control Readers by Identification Technology
        Access Control Security Risks
        Access control models

        Stay Secured with Our Alarm Devices

        Fire and intrusion alarm technologies will keep you safe

        An alarm device or system of alarm devices gives an audible, visual or other forms of alarm signal about a problem or condition. Alarm devices are often outfitted with a siren and/or illuminated indicator.

        Automatic Detection
        Reducing False Alarms
        Addressable Fire Alarm System
        Remotely Monitored Alarms

        Protect Your Home and Business From Anywhere

        Monitor your home and business

        Wired, wireless, indoor, and outdoor motion detection cameras take security to the next level. Trust us the installation and maintenance of those or use them in addition to our regular unarmed security guard services and residential or corporate, retail, and campus protection.

        Analog surveillance cameras rely on closed-circuit television or CCTV surveillance software. Connected to a DVR or computer monitor, these cameras receive the video from the “eye” and emit or record the video with the respective alarms, notifications, and scheduled operation.

        Network surveillance cameras, or high-resolution IP security surveillance systems, are more advanced and versatile in technical capacities and resolution, and many are compatible with an SD card. Connected to an NVR (network video recorder), they can stream video directly to an NVR, a PC or smart device, and all of which can record it.

        Centralized Control Panel
        Surveillance and Monitoring
        Video content analysis
        Live Recording

        Enhance Your Customer Experience

        Track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer with video analytics system

        Monitor your retail, banking or business locations for mapping your customer’s journey to better allocate your resources. With our retail video analytics, you’ll gather event-based data to better understand your customer’s experience to detect specific walk-through patterns and measurable engagement like:

        • Customer enter/exit counts
        • New signage or product displays
        • Product engagement
        • Confusion areas
        • Busiest hours, store performance, and conversion rates
        • Suspicious behavior
        • And much more…

        Protect Your Home From Anywhere

        Monitor and record video remotely with awesome IP network

        An IP network is a communication network that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive messages between one or more computers. As one of the most commonly used global networks, an IP network is implemented in Internet networks, local area networks (LAN) and enterprise networks to help you stay protected and safe. Its capacities are pretty much close to those described into the section above “Record Movements.” IP video surveillance helps facilitate remote and mobile monitoring through secured wireless transmission. For security concerns, trust SUS Global Enterprises the installation and maintenance of those systems rather than installing it yourself or picking up providers randomly. 

        Enhance Your Customer safety

        Install real-time video verification and protect your consumers, selling, and profits.

        Video verifications are complementary to “Record Movement,” “IP Monitoring,” and “Retail Video Analytics.” We help you improve false-alarm reduction, fact-based responses, greater personnel and customer safety, and video-filed system maintenance.

        Easily Monitor the Dynamic Environments

        Easily evaluate and monitor cloud-based services and applications

        With our cloud monitoring systems, we ensure you proactive detection, efficient monitoring, global visibility, and customized access.

        High-Quality Safe and Secure Access

        Keep safe your home with authorized personal safe and secure access

        In addition to the Access Control System, we provide door controls, crew, and crowd management for private, public events, the TV, film, and movie industries, and residential and non-residential premises.

        Keep your house close, anywhere you are

        Monitor and control your home’s devices with enhanced smartphone accessibility

        Part of the Access Control System, smartphone verification is the new shout in security access authorizations. We provide complete wireless technology, control of unauthorized use, power consumption evaluation, and ease of installation and maintenance.