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    Armed Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Armed Security Guards

    SUS Global Enterprises is a leading security company providing dependable armed security services to different entities and the U.S. Government with a nation-wide presence. Most of the SUS Global Enterprises armed security guards have a previous military, corrections, law enforcement or security experience; the security guard supervisors are generally employees at the rank of corporal, sergeant or lieutenant, and the security guard managers—lieutenant, captain, major or chief.

    All SUS Global Enterprises armed security agents are US citizens of at least 21 years of age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent certificate, speak, read, and write in literate English and possess the respective licenses, training, and physical and psychological resistance required for their post. Since providing armed security has always been a sensible field of application, a dedicated field hiring manager selects the best candidates for employment with us. After a physical exam, drug screening and a federal background investigation, we do provide further training and maintenance curriculum to make sure people who begin work with us will meet our clients’ criteria and the specific exigencies for the effective development of their field service.

    Armed Security Guards
    SUS Global Enterprises Armed Security Guard Training
    Armed Security Guards Assist You with
    • Vehicle control
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Vehicle escort
    • Monitor radio traffic
    • Control parking permits
    • Effectuate ID control
    • Interact over alarms
    • Prevent criminal action
    • 24h access/door control
    • Issue badges & passes
    • X-ray detection
    • Metal detection
    • Pedestrian control
    • Employees monitoring
    • 24h patrol
    • Equipment control
    • Emergency assistance
    • 1st medical assistance
    • Daily activity reports
    • Smoke/fire intervention
    • Random surveillance
    • Maintain activity logs
    • Law enforcement help
    • and much more…
    Risks Our Armed Security Guards Help Reduce

    The SUS Global Enterprises armed security guards perform fixed-post, mobile or foot patrols. Ingrained with sensitive situational awareness, they not only watch over your protection, safety, and security but reduce risks by dissuading crime with their presence. They make timely decisions and/or take consistent action based on previously established post orders, facility rules, guidelines, and protocols. Conflict management skills and resistance to working in austere and uncomfortable weather conditions for prolonged periods of time are often complemented with a previous experience allowing them to fast and accurately determine the right degree of operational effectiveness much before and when dealing with arms.

    NYPD Police
    NYPD Police Car
    Coordination with Law Enforcement

    SUS Global Enterprises works with exemplary citizens and professionals. Apart from keeping one’s supervisors and managers informed of unusual occurrences and important events, the armed security guard monitors electronic, door, and fence access and reacts to alarms, informs and assists local, state and/or federal law enforcement as needed and authorized.

    Part of the duties of our armed security guards is to escort individuals and/or vehicles; to keep and maintain all Security Clearances and documentation necessary for individual sites; to locate, retain and protect necessary evidence, and to testify whenever deemed necessary in judicial and administrative proceedings.

    Armed Security Guard
    Armed Security Guard Intervention
    Armed Alarm Intervention

    Like other prevention officers, the armed security guard is in constant communication with one’s team and closely monitors alarms, radio traffic, and other information sources. Appropriately addressing fire alarms, burglary alarms, requests for assistance and criminal acts often requires that one stops, screens, inquires and inspects vehicles and pedestrians or effectuates punctual control over risky zones. Ensuring the security of properties also entails detention of visitors, personnel, and suspected perpetrators to either prevent them from harm or to avoid them inflicting harm. SUS Global Enterprises armed security guards bring you peace of mind. Our risk experts enable us to act upon scheduled and emergency events that may occur during or after duty hours.