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    Commerce, Retail, and Shopping Mall Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Retail Security Guards

    From the basic storefront to the parking facilities and children’s playgrounds, large shopping centers, retail and mega stores, and multi-level office towers are required to implement specific retail security programs that are sensitive to the unique challenges and risks those have to inevitably face. SUS Global Enterprises carefully designates the most prepared retail security guards. Uniforms and outfit are determined with the client.

    Theft in retail stores presents roughly between 1.5 and 2% of a business’s annual revenue. In addition to in-store security mechanisms such as surveillance cameras, labels, and tags, security guards help dissuade criminal actions and reduce shrinkage.

    Apart from deterring and preventing intentional damage, security guards act as an additional motivational factor augmenting sales for people will subconsciously feel safer your business is focused on customer safety. SUS Global Enterprises retail security guards possess critical conflict management and customer relation skills to protect your business from double harm.

    SUS Global Enterprises Security Officer
    SUS Global Enterprises Security Officer
    Commerce, Retail, Shopping Centers, and Mall Security

    Tailoring unique solutions to each individual customer’s need, below are some of the benefits SUS Global Enterprises and our retail security guards can guarantee to your businesses.

    • Crime prevention
    • Data processing
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Employees monitoring
    • Access/key management
    • Loss prevention
    • Better visibility
    • Integrated surveillance
    • Informed interventions
    Retail Store Security

    According to the National Retail Federation, about 80% of retail shrinkage results from shoplifting and employee theft. To safeguard your business at the store and building levels, SUS Global Enterprises provides you with regular retail security guards and accommodates you with additional workforce during high-value promotions and events. When implemented the adequate security measures during and after store hours, both hardware-driven tactics, like alarms and camera systems, and message-driven methods, like security guards and posted warnings will protect you from loss and generate more customer inflow.

    With one or two main entrances for customers and one or more for employees and deliveries, retail stores greatly depend on SUS Global Enterprises retail security guards. Often called “loss prevention agents,” we ensure that your areas, human, technical, and material resources and inventory are protected, and do handle trespassing and unwanted activity accordingly.

    Active Deterrence systems and anti-theft devices are gradually surmounted by people who regularly violate the law for they either do excuse a need or develop a specific mindset to acquire items “this way.” Apart from observing shoppers to anticipate, identify and act upon any shoplifting activity, SUS Global Enterprises maintains a reasonable inventory-level security tactic also to help you identify theft by your employees and/or deliverers.

    SUS Global Enterprises Motion Detection and Surveillance Recording Security System
    SUS Global Enterprises Retail Motion Detection and Recording Surveillance Security System
    Network Device and Cameras
    retail security
    Shopping Center
    Shopping Center Security

    Shopping center security is much more complicated than a single retail store security since people have to enter and exit stores and onsite premises that might be located on different levels and even be consistently located close to one another or with diverse spaces in-between, and all this—under the open sky, with a mobile roofing system or entirely indoors. Varying from one location to another, the security in a shopping center typically encompasses a general on-call security team that serves all of the various tenants and stores, and private security teams that are particular to the specific retail business.

    commerce security
    Shopping Mall
    Mall Security

    Similar to shopping centers, shopping malls comprise many stores connected with entrance points but are contained within a vast, unique building. Typically, customers enter and exit through major entrances in high-traffic areas that are provided by mechanical and/or electronic means of physical control, and are under some electronic and/or human surveillance. Abiding by a specific security plan, the function of a mall security guard is the same—to observe people and their actions in order to prevent, dissuade, secure, alert of, and intervene in case of infringement, illness or a health-related need.