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    Construction Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Construction Security Guards

    According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the nationwide annual cost of commercial and heavy equipment theft ranges from $300 million to $1 billion, and increments with each year, while roughly 23% of it is ever recovered by law enforcement. Theft and vandalism slow down construction and results in loss of money and time, augmented insurance policies, and penalties for delays. Furthermore, during the off hours of construction, if a trespasser were to enter into a construction zone, the responsibility is of the site management.

    Placing SUS Global Enterprises unarmed construction security guards onsite will deter theft and fraudulent action, prevent possible unlawful exploitation and the linked risks to it, and increase the peace of mind for you, your workers, and your investors.

    All SUS Global Enterprises construction security guards possess the needed physical and psychological preparedness to endure long hours of standing, the required training, licenses, qualifications, and the OSHA 10 training that teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. For construction sites, we lean towards hiring experienced security guards, former law enforcement officers, and veterans.

    construction security guards
    SUS Global Enterprises Security Officer

    SUS Global Enterprises develops our construction security services in five of the 2016 LoJack Corporation “Top Ten States for Construction Equipment Theft“—California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Placing a security guard onsite in and off the working hours reduces not only material loss but also construction-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

    Construction Security Guards Assist You with
    • Crime prevention
    • Theft prevention
    • Fraud prevention
    • Loitering prevention
    • Homeless activity control
    • 24h access/key control
    • Constant patrolling
    • Erect/man a guard shack
    • Employees monitoring
    • Watch over general safety
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Informed interventions
    • Daily activity reports
    • Loss prevention
    • Report hazardous situations
    Construction Site Security

    Because of the alertness and observational and operational capacities of our guards, the presence of a SUS Global Enterprises security construction guard also helps you detect, diminish and prevent other health and safety risks. Most of the time the pre-work site surveys to spot any potential risks are taken in the presence of our guards. Nonetheless, it is impossible to detect all and risks like electrocution, exposure to airborne fibers, toxins and asbestos, unintended collapses, moving objects, untidy and cluttered work areas, lack of warning lights, lack of beepers on moving vehicles, poorly lit work areas, collision with mobile elements such as machinery, pallets or boxes, lack of warning signs at movement intersections, can be mediated on-the-go with the help of an external observer. Construction workers are exposed to multi-level stress that leads to physical and mental overload. We help reduce the top two factors for accidents and incidents—exhausion and mental burn-out.

    construction security guard
    SUS Global Enterprises Construction Security Guard
    Construction SIte Risks We Help Reduce

    Pre-work site surveys, safety meetings and toolbox talks, mandatory PPP (Personal protective equipment), regular breaks into the workday, mental and physical health evaluation address part of the proactive attitude on a construction site but cannot limit external and internal violators—you still need to hire SUS Global Enterprises construction security guard.

    Restricted Area
    Restricted Area
    Restricted Area Violation

    From electrocution to exposure to toxins and heavy hazard risks, trespassing is a problem for ALL since whatever happens it will never “remain behind the walls,” and will produce some form of material or human loss and damage.

    Heavy Equipment Theft
    Heavy Equipment Theft
    Equipment Theft

    Despite the large and accurate lists of registered with the NER database equipment, and even when handling the PIN/serial numbers to law enforcement, only about 23% of stolen equipment is ever located and recovered. Delay in the discovery of the theft, inaccurate or missing owner records, limited law enforcement resources, and difficult and confusing equipment identification number formats are some of the additional hardships you’ll meet. Hiring SUS Global Enterprises construction security agents will prevent this from happening in the first place.

    Construction Debris
    Construction Debris
    Unauthorized or Illegal Activity

    Illegally dumped construction debris on private property may become a big problem on unprotected sites. Even when most culprits are aware they face charges under the Waste and Recycling Bylaw or the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, it is the site’s owner to lose resources, health, and time on finding the perpetrator and handling the problem. Of course, you cannot go against someone you ignore, so placing a security agent is the best thing to do to protect your assets in this regard too.

    Construction Site
    Construction Site
    Construction Site Penetration

    By common sense, perpetrators and violators expose all people on a construction site, themselves, and the community to risks of injury, illness, and death. Whatever the reason behind such an act, a security guard on place can either prevent it from happening or alert mobile protection teams and law enforcement to take immediate measures.