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    TV, Movie, and Film Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Film and Television Security Guards

    The TV and film industries have exigent needs of multi-skilled, effective, confident and discreet operational security personnel that is qualified to ensure the safety of the crew, equipment, and venue or location.

    In-country vetted, we cover the US from coast to coast, and our deployable security guards quickly and proportionally operate in higher risk zones and pick hours. Experts in the event security sector, SUS Global Enterprises keeps the privacy and integrity of your production working in close coordination with your production team. We ensure a safe, secure and hazard-free working environment. Our security and protection personnel themselves are high profile.

    SUS Global Enterprises Security Officer
    General Scope of Movie Production Security
    • Close protection guards
    • VIP protection
    • Venue/location security
    • Event security
    • Door supervision
    • Access control
    • Video surveillance
    • Unit/crew security
    • Studio protection
    • Equipment protection
    • Mediation
    • Conflict management
    • Crowd control
    • Street reservations
    • Traffic management
    • Vehicle security
    • Parking enforcement
    • Fire watch
    Close Protection

    We work with our clients to develop a detailed service protocol for safe customer interactions and controlled dispute resolutions. SUS Global Enterprises close protection services consist of a broad range of activities like journey management, personnel and crew monitoring, float control, and other cost-efficient private operators.

    Close Protection
    SUS Global Enterprises Close Protection Officer
    Risk Profile Assessment

    Selected by specific criteria, SUS Global Enterprises TV and Film Security Guards possess the ability to respond appropriately to threats and different scenarios. In uniforms for visual deterrent, or in plain clothes to blend in, commissioned (armed guards) or non-commissioned (unarmed guards), with or without additional accessories like sunglasses, hats, and the rest, we firmly enforce order with education and courtesy. Seamlessly coordinated, we might complement your local law enforcement, especially on shooting sites in proximity with the general public. Absolute discretion, respect, and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times.

    Close Protection Officer
    Crowd and Access Control
    Critical Crowd Control

    Celebrities need special protection from obsessed fans, paparazzi, and also from well-intentioned fans and crew members. When the mass becomes a crowd, it is easy to push too far or to commit mistakes, and it is essential that you hire SUS Global Enterprises TV and Movie security guards to handle the adversities efficiently and with the least damage and noise possible. Today, it’s easy for just about anyone to know where and when an executive, dignitary or celebrity will be. While principals (the person being protected) aim at generating publicity, this has an adverse effect for apart from general threats, the security guards have to handle in addition individuals or groups seeking to harm or discredit someone in public. We make sure that a previously established and customized comprehensive protection plan guarantees the efficient and effective crowd control.

    Crew Security
    Crew Security Guards
    Unit and Crew Security

    Because of the diversity of the shooting environment, equipment, clothing and makeup surrounding a celebrity, when dealing with crews it can be hard to tell a safe situation from a dangerous one. SUS Global Enterprises trained Personal Protection Officers possess excellent analytical, observational, and soft skills to know what to look for, and how to react in a matter of seconds. Crew security services and private escort are especially needed for stunt actors for obsessed “fans” or concurrent actors may try to show off they’re tougher or the very same actor, because of tension or overstimulation, may lose the notion of security or precaution. A SUS Global Enterprises security guard will make the right decision at a moment’s notice to protect mindfully people two-ways so that the risk of a stunt actor to get sued over an offense or fight are reduced.