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    Private Events Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Private Events Security Guards

    SUS Global Enterprises Special and Private Event Security Guards offer unarmed and/or armed services to a great variety of clients nationwide. Often with a previous military, corrections, law enforcement or security experience, we accompany you not only to guarantee your safety and security but the safety and security of your visitors as well. We ensure and maintain that everything is organized and under control. Our personnel is dispatched into different locations and possess superior communication and presentation skills to deal with and interact with people of diverse profiles. Flexible and reliable, we have the ability to adapt and react in dynamic settings and handle event-specific safety and security objectives.

    Private Events Security
    Private Events Security
    Private Event Security Guards Assist You with
    • Vehicle control
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Vehicle escort
    • Monitor radio traffic
    • Control parking permits
    • Effectuate ID control
    • Interact over alarms
    • Prevent criminal action
    • 24h access/door control
    • Issue badges & passes
    • X-ray detection
    • Metal detection
    • Pedestrian control
    • Employees monitoring
    • 24h patrol
    • Equipment control
    • Emergency assistance
    • 1st medical assistance
    • Daily activity reports
    • Smoke/fire intervention
    • Random surveillance
    • Maintain activity logs
    • Law enforcement help
    • and much more…