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    Public Events Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Private Events Security Guards

    SUS Global Enterprises Public Event Security Guards offer unarmed and/or armed services to a great variety of clients nationwide. Often with a previous military, corrections, law enforcement or security experience, we accompany you as an event organiser in your organizational and legal responsibilities to protect and safeguard your workforce, performers, exhibitors, visitors, and delegates attending your event, plus any material and other human resources taking place.

    For an effective public security service we first set your safety and security objectives; then, document your intelligence and information to understand the level and source of risks and if deemed necessary augment protection with other safety advisory groups and/or law enforcement; ensure communication plan is effective; test and exercise your plans; debrief the event honestly and openly.

    Working with qualified, competent and effective personnel we can rapidly assess your security priorities based upon your identified risks and the site. We make sure to monitor the events with all people taking place into those possessing the needed information about all potential threats and risks to manage staff, performers, and crowd accordingly.

    SUS Global Enterprises Public Event Security
    SUS Global Enterprises Public Event Security
    Public Event Security Guards Assist You with
    • Traffic control
    • Pedestrian control
    • Crowd control
    • Prevent criminal action
    • Access control
    • Equipment control
    • Position monitoring
    • Cross-team coordination
    • Emergency assistance
    • 1st medical assistance
    • Random surveillance
    • Law enforcement help