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    Home Area Security

    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guards

    SUS Global Enterprises is a leading security company securing homes throughout the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, at a cost-effective rate. SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Solutions cover homes, apartments, Home-Owner Associations (HOA), and gated communities and condos. Residential security guards protect what most matters to you—your home, family members, staff, pets, livestock, and other human and material assets belonging to you.

    Often mirroring the societary level of the principal we are protecting—from standard residential guards to advanced and skillful residential protection, we pick up the most qualified candidates with outstanding presentation and communication skills that possess a former emergency, military or armed services record. We effectively handle the level of risk and personal and professional secrecy protection involved.

    Well-versed in innovative wireless and digital technologies and intelligence systems, the duties and responsibilities of SUS Global Enterprises residential security guards vary depending on the client but include gate security, CCTV monitoring, security patrol, key management, surveillance, reporting, alarm intervention, etc. We offer continuous training and updates to guarantee adequate fulfillment of security operations.

    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guard
    Residential Security Guards Assist You with
    • Vehicle control
    • Effectuate ID control
    • Interact over alarms
    • Prevent criminal action
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Pedestrian control
    • Employees monitoring
    • Equipment control
    • Emergency assistance
    • 1st medical assistance
    • Smoke/fire intervention
    • Law enforcement help
    Risks Our Residential Security Guards Help Reduce

    To have you covered by fully operational, licensed, bonded, and cost-effective residential security guards, contact us to customize a security plan for your residential security.

    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guard
    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guard
    Coordination with Law Enforcement

    SUS Global Enterprises works with exemplary citizens and professionals. Apart from keeping one’s supervisors and managers informed of unusual occurrences and important events, the armed security guard monitors electronic, door, and fence access and reacts to alarms, informs and assists local, state and/or federal law enforcement as needed and authorized.

    Part of the duties of our armed security guards is to escort individuals and/or vehicles; to keep and maintain all Security Clearances and documentation necessary for individual sites; to locate, retain and protect necessary evidence, and to testify whenever deemed necessary in judicial and administrative proceedings.

    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guard
    SUS Global Enterprises Residential Security Guard
    Armed Alarm Intervention

    Like other prevention officers, the armed security guard is in constant communication with one’s team and closely monitors alarms, radio traffic, and other information sources. Appropriately addressing fire alarms, burglary alarms, requests for assistance and criminal acts often requires that one stops, screens, inquires and inspects vehicles and pedestrians or effectuates punctual control over risky zones. Ensuring the security of properties also entails detention of visitors, personnel, and suspected perpetrators to either prevent them from harm or to avoid them inflicting harm. SUS Global Enterprises armed security guards bring you peace of mind. Our risk experts enable us to act upon scheduled and emergency events that may occur during or after duty hours.