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    As of 2007, S.O.R.A. Training (Security Officers Registration Act) is mandatory for all Contract Security. Training is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to work in security. In addition to the New Jersey State Police approved S.O.R.A. training curriculum, we employ post-hire training which has been proven to be fundamental to maintaining industry requirements and above-average standards. 

    SUS Global Enterprises pioneers two first-of-a-kind consultancy options that will take you further after obtaining your Security Officers Registration Act—book us for the Specialty Orientation and Reinforcement of Abilities (SORA-1) and Sector-related Opportunities and Reputable Assessment (SORA-2) consultancy hours.


    • A certified NJ State Police approved training instructor
    • Certified NJ State Police curriculum
    • Two (2) days on weekends of 12-hour classes each (total of 24h)
    • Onsite temporary S.O.R.A. Certificate registration
    • Onsite fingerprint appointment scheduling
    • 0nsite job applications for possible employment with SUS Global Enterprises


    • Must be at least 18 years of age or older
    • Must possess a valid photo ID
    • High School diploma or equivalent
    • No criminal felony record.
    • *Must possess “30” day Temporary SORA Certificate
    • **Must pass fingerprint check (with state licensed agency)
    • Must complete a 24-hour SORA Training course
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